What is your hiring process for the Summer Program?

We participate in fall and spring semester law school on-campus interview programs, as well as encouraging correspondence from law students via email. Both 2Ls and 1Ls participate in our summer program. We generally hire second-year students in the late summer/early fall and first-year students in the winter.

When making decisions for summer employment, the Recruiting Committee reviews the candidate’s evaluations from callback interviews and determines whether or not to extend an offer for summer employment.  

How many summer associates do you usually hire? 

While our summer program is small, we do not limit ourselves to a particular number. We are always looking for the brightest, most talented students.  

Are summer associates allowed to split their summers?

Yes. We recognize the importance of clerking with several firms before committing to one firm after graduation. Our hope is that our summer associates will make a lasting career at Brooks Pierce. We want you to explore and choose the best place for your future.

When does the summer program begin and end?

Our program typically lasts ten to twelve weeks, beginning in mid-May and ending in early August. Within those parameters, summer associates are free to choose when their tenure will begin and end.    

How do summer associates gain experience?

The Brooks Pierce Summer Program is designed to mirror the work experience of our full-time associates as much as possible. Our distinct model has no formal practice areas or departments, and associates are encouraged to work concurrently with a wide array of partners across fields and industries. Summer associates are similarly encouraged to participate in a diverse range of matters, gaining exposure to attorneys and clients that represent the variety of our practice and clientele.

How do summer associates receive feedback?

Summer associates receive feedback through several different methods. We encourage our attorneys to provide feedback directly to summer associates while they are working on a project together. Summer associates are also encouraged to seek feedback directly from the assigning attorney. At the end of a summer associate’s tenure, our Recruiting Committee will solicit more formal assessments. Attorneys are asked to consider a summer associate based on, among other aspects, the quality of their work product, leadership capabilities, judgment, and decision-making skills. A member of the Recruiting Committee will relay the results of this assessment to a summer associate during an exit interview.  Future hiring decisions regarding summer associates are made shortly after the conclusion of the summer program.

How do I submit my application for the Summer Program?

We invite you to submit your cover letter, transcript and resume to Katie LeMere, our Recruiting Coordinator.