For more than 120 years, the professionals of Brooks Pierce have continued a proud tradition: To serve clients at the highest levels of professional excellence and integrity. Our values inform every aspect of our service to clients and every interaction with others, whether in the firm, in the profession or in our communities. Our core values are embodied in the firm’s unique structure, culture and community.    

At Brooks Pierce, we value autonomy.

In an age of rampant law firm mergers, Brooks Pierce has preserved its identity. A defining characteristic of our firm is its flat, non-hierarchical structure. Brooks Pierce has no formal practice groups, and lawyers have the freedom to explore a wide array of specialties, industries and clients to find the right fit. We don’t believe that "one size fits all." Our lawyers are empowered to seek out the work that draws upon their unique backgrounds, talents and interests. Over time, lawyers may seek to develop one or more areas of specialization; they may also elect to change their practice focus or client concentration. We believe that self-determination leads to greater professional and personal satisfaction. And doing what we do best enables us to serve our clients most effectively. This commitment to autonomy, while working together toward a mutual goal of excellence, has created a strong foundation. 

At Brooks Pierce, we value innovation.

We can only imagine today the novel legal and business challenges that will be faced by our sophisticated clients tomorrow. To successfully serve fast-moving, creative business clients, we must be innovative, nimble and forward-thinking. Innovation has always been a hallmark of our firm, its lawyers and staff members. Brooks Pierce is a community of inventive individuals who apply creative solutions to complex problems all with the goal finding a more effective way to serve our clients. The firm’s non-hierarchical structure inspires all of us to think critically and to examine new ways of approaching issues. Without the boundaries that can lead to conventional and ineffective results, Brooks Pierce lawyers have the freedom to find sound solutions which would otherwise be unimaginable. 

At Brooks Pierce, we value respect.

We recognize and appreciate the instrumental contribution of every member of the team in providing our clients with the most exceptional legal services. Our paralegals, legal assistants and other professional staff are dedicated to serving our clients and supporting our lawyers in practicing law at the highest level. Every voice in the Brooks Pierce community is heard. We strive to listen with respect and regard for the insights that our different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives bring to all we do.

At Brooks Pierce, we value leadership.

A glance at the biographies of our lawyers, from the most junior associate to the most senior partner, reveals another way in which we live our values. Take a look at the many ways in which Brooks Pierce lawyers have served in leadership positions. You will find lawyers who have advanced education by teaching at law schools and by sharing their expertise through continuing legal education programs. Our blogs and professional publications highlight new grounds being forged by our resident thought leaders.  

At Brooks Pierce, we value service.

Service, in the Brooks Pierce way, extends to our clients, to our profession, to our educational institutions and to our communities.  Brooks Pierce lawyers and staff are passionately engaged in a variety of pro bono work. Whether it is taking on game-changing, impact litigation or assisting an underserved member of our community, every pro bono matter is accorded the tireless commitment, energy and talent of our firm. Brooks Pierce proudly sponsors multiple public service efforts, and every member of the Brooks Pierce community rallies to support our campaigns.