Article by Brooks Pierce Attorneys Ryan Fairchild and Melissa Bailey Published in Esports Observer

March 8, 2018

An article on business tips for professional gamers written by attorneys Ryan Fairchild and Melissa Bailey was recently published in trade publication The Esports Observer.

The article, titled “The Business of Being a Pro Gamer: Four Ways to Protect Your Value,” provides tips for up-and-coming esports players to create a winning professional future. Fairchild and Bailey discuss how gamers can build brand value through endorsement deals and sponsorships; the importance of investments, tax vehicles and savings in building long-term wealth; and the professionals that gamers should have on their support team, including accountants, agents and lawyers. They also recommend that a professional gamer consider creating his or her own company to protect against liability, facilitate opportunities and help establish credibility.

“While most of the attention on player earnings in esports is focused on base salary and competition winnings, many players are leaving some of their potential value on the table by not using the right business strategies,” wrote Fairchild and Bailey. “As the pro gamer, you’re the esports expert and you’ve built a digital empire. Accountants, financial planners, agents, and lawyers are here to help you learn to farm outside the game. Assemble your out-of-game team and take control of your financial future.”

The full article is available online here.

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