Ben Norman Shares "A Gen X Attorney's Client Service Advice" with NC Lawyers Weekly

April 27, 2015
Extraordinary service differentiates like apples and oranges. (Image of an orange among apples)

On April 27, North Carolina Lawyers Weekly published a column written by Brooks Pierce partnerBen Norman. The column discusses how attorneys can provide the best possible service to their clients and shares seven ways to develop client relationships that are built on open communication and bottom-line oriented counsel. Ben’s advice includes:

Understand: As a litigator, I often have no previous relationship with my clients before my representation begins. That initial period is a critical stage. As early as possible, I work to develop a deep understanding of the factual and legal issues not just surrounding the case, but also my client’s business.

Call often: I know email and text messages are the easiest forms of communication. However, I’ve found that actually speaking with my client always builds a better long-term relationship.

Update regularly: That motion to extend a deadline by two weeks may not be the most significant filing in the life of a case, but it matters to my client and he or she wants to know about it … I have not just an ethical duty to keep my clients informed about their cases, but these updates also allow me to continue to build their trust and reliance on me.

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