Brooks Pierce Attorneys Publish Article on Salary History Bans

May 4, 2018

Brooks Pierce partner Patricia Goodson and attorney Sarah Saint recently wrote an article on laws that restrict employers from asking about salary history for the GGI Labour Law Newsletter, the publication for the Labour Law Practice Group of Geneva Group International (GGI), an international alliance of law, accounting and consulting firms.

The article, titled “New Salary History Bans Change Hiring Practices,” discusses the recent enactment of laws across the United States banning employers from requesting salary history information from job applicants. According to the article, the aim of these laws is to encourage pay equity and discourage continued pay disparity among women and minorities. Goodson and Saint break down the consequences for employers that violate these laws, as well as other tools companies can use to develop a competitive salary package for applicants.

“In light of these laws, organizations hiring or recruiting employees in or from the U.S. must revisit their hiring and compensation practices,” the article states. “Organizations should be familiar with the laws in the jurisdictions where they are recruiting and hiring to ensure compliance with this fast-growing trend.”

The full article is attached below, and is republished on our website here.

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