Brooks Pierce Partner Quoted in WRAL Article on Video Doorbell Privacy Concerns

October 17, 2019
Doorbell Camera, Security

Brooks Pierce partner Will Quick was recently quoted in an article on police officers using video doorbell footage to solve crimes.

The article, entitled “Garner Police, Residents with Surveillance Cameras Team Up to Fight Crime,” discusses how Garner law enforcement is using video doorbell surveillance, like the Ring doorbell app, to aid in solving crimes.

Police are only able to use video footage if they’re given permission by the owner of the doorbell camera. However, there are concerns about privacy with the use of video doorbell surveillance.

“If you’re a neighbor of someone who has one of these cameras and it happens to point across the street and it catches your door or your driveway, those are not places where under the law you have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Anyone driving by on the street could see those areas as well, so there’s really not much you can do to enforce against that happening,” Quick said.

The full article is available here.

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