Charles Baldwin Shares Advice on Exporting Goods with Triad Business Journal

April 17, 2015
Foreign Currency

“Overseas-sickness: Avoid these six common legal pitfalls when exporting”

On April 17, the Triad Business Journal published an article written by reporter Katie Arcieri discussing common legal pitfalls associated with exporting goods. Brooks Pierce partner Charles Baldwin utilized his expertise in international law to provide commentary on the six guidelines outlined in the article, including:

“With increasing distance and cultural and business differences, there are greater opportunities for misunderstanding and problems. You don’t have a close personal relationship where you can walk down the street and talk to someone.”

“Watch out for the people who are representing you. You are still responsible for their conduct, and make sure those people sign documents that say that they were taught these things, and they are not going to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”

“If you send somebody a pamphlet about your goods, they might be deemed to be your distributor, and if you want to fire them, you’ve got to give them some imputed share of profits for some period of years.” 

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