Coe Ramsey to Present at ABA Forum on Communications Law Program

April 10, 2011

Topics such as media ownership. localism, public interest, enhanced disclosure, retransmission consent, and enforcement continue to dominate the regulatory environment for broadcasters. Meanwhile, new media landscapes, new business opportunities and new organizational changes are altering the way broadcasters do business.

This panel will examine whether it is time for both industry and government to take a fresh approach to regulatory issues.

Coe is a communications and media lawyer focused on FCC regulatory, transactional, corporate, and intellectual property (copyright and trademark) matters.  He has particular experience in advising radio and television station operators on issues relating to broadcast licensing, renewals, digital television, digital radio, FCC ownership rules and policies, station acquisitions, cable and satellite carriage, political advertising, FCC Equal Employment Opportunity rules, and Children’s Television Broadcasting.   

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