Darrell Fruth Comments on Trade Secret Protection in NC Lawyers Weekly

February 2, 2016
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Brooks Pierce attorney Darrell Fruth was recently quoted in NC Lawyers Weekly about the Business Court’s decision in a recent case involving two dance studios and the issue of trade secrets. In the case, Happy Dance Inc. alleged that competitor Metropolitan Ballroom conspired to obtain the company’s confidential trade secrets from two of its dancers who performed at the studio. The Business Court dismissed the claim, ruling that dance production ideas are too vague to be considered trade secrets.  

Darrell Fruth commented, “This case is just the latest example of the Business Court sending a message that they want businesses to be more specific about what the trade secrets in question are before they are going to allow a lawsuit to move forward.”

Fruth noted that unlike patents, there are fewer protections for owners of a trade secret. If the details get out, there is no time limit on how long the trade secret can remain confidential.

“That’s why many companies limit the number of people who know all aspects of whatever the company desires to keep secret,” Furth explained.

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