Ed Winslow Discusses Legal Industry in Interview for JD Supra Business Advisor

September 2, 2016

Brooks Pierce partner and former managing partner, Ed Winslow, recently shared his thoughts on the legal industry for an article published by JD Supra Business Advisor. Winslow, who was one of 12 attorneys when he joined Brooks Pierce, provides a wealth of insight into the legal field through personal anecdotes and knowledge he has gained over the years. 

In his interview, Winslow emphasizes the continued importance of mid-sized law firms and their role in developing talented, well-rounded legal professionals. “The ideal configuration – for training and professional development, for lifestyle, and for a rewarding setting in which to practice a profession – is a mid-sized firm. Senior lawyers don’t manage, they practice law. And new lawyers pair with the older ones and learn. I think they call that the ‘apprenticeship’ model. Well, that model is still economical in mid-sized firms – in a way that it can’t be for large firms.”

The article, entitled “The Case for the Mid-Sized Law Firm: A Conversation with Ed Winslow” can be read in full here.

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