Reid Phillips and Ed Winslow Discuss Managing Partner Transition with Triad Business Journal

January 5, 2016
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The Triad Business Journal recently spoke with newly announced managing partner Reid Phillips and former managing partner Ed Winslow about the firm’s leadership transition. Phillips recently replaced Winslow, who had served in the position for 15 years, on Jan. 1.

Winslow told reporter Owen Covington that he is happy to focus his efforts on other aspects of the firm, such as overseeing its expansion in Raleigh and other markets.

“There are things that are happening in all quadrants in my life, in the progress of the firm, and in the local and broader economy,” Winslow said. “This is a good time to change, and a good time in all of those spheres.”

Phillips attributes his preparedness for the managing partner role to his close relationship with Winslow.

“Ed and I have worked pretty closely together for all of that time, and we’ve been lawyers together at this firm since I joined the firm,” Phillips said. “I feel like I understand what the strategic priorities of the firm are, where we want to go, and where we have been.”

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