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June 15, 2019
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As a Ph.D. student at Princeton University, David Kushner spent long hours teasing out the development of geophysics as a scientific discipline.  That analytical skill has served him well at Brooks Pierce, where he has spent even longer hours helping clients across the country master the most complex details of communications law.

And, as befits someone with a long history on campus, he has even pulled the occasional all‑nighter on behalf of clients.  “I’m not sure I ever stayed up all night as a college student,” David said.  “That’s only happened since becoming an attorney.”

In the field of communications and copyright law, David has established himself as a trusted counselor in every facet of the business.  From the technical details of signal compression and propagation to the broader politics of copyright and communications regulation, David brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge to his practice.  Equally comfortable in conversation with a company president or a broadcast engineer, David is able to serve as a comprehensive resource for clients.

As new technology has created dramatic changes in the media landscape, David has guided some of the nation’s largest media companies in creating new streams of revenue and exploring new means of delivering content.  He has successfully negotiated retransmission consent contracts with a total value well in excess of $2.3 billion, establishing Brooks Pierce as a key player in the complex marketplace for redistributing broadcast television signals.

With deep experience in commercial litigation and appellate practice, David has authored detailed briefs in support of First Amendment rights and helped clients navigate the ever‑changing field of federal indecency standards.  His expertise in the arcana of copyright law has earned him a frequent spot as a guest speaker at the National Association of Broadcasters annual convention and the UNC Festival of Legal Learning.

“The wonderful thing about the dynamic realm of modern media is that there are always new challenges to sink your teeth into,” David said.  But being a top media-industry counselor does have at least one drawback:  “I don’t have much time to actually watch television,” David joked, “so I can give advice on just about everything—except what to watch.”

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