Sarah Saint Discusses Training on Individualized Education Plans for Substitute Teachers

December 12, 2019
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Brooks Pierce attorney Sarah Saint recently discussed the importance of training substitute teachers on individualized education plans (IEP) and behavioral intervention plans (BIP) with

The article, “Track Substitutes’ Training on Implementation of IEPs, BIPs” discusses the importance of providing substitute teachers with training on what IEPs are and how they should be handled.

“Training for substitutes is worth its weight in gold,” said Saint. “Give substitute teachers strategies for what to do when kids have problematic behaviors and who to contact in the building if they have a problem.”

Saint represents school boards, institutions, teachers, administrators and students in a wide range of education law issues, including special education regulation compliance and dispute resolution, student discipline and employee matters, and litigating education law disputes when necessary. She holds a master’s degree in school counseling and has served as an advocate for students’ rights within the school system.

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