Graham represents businesses, organizations, and individuals in a wide range of litigation matters in state and federal courts. He works with clients to develop a tailored, aggressive strategy for resolving commercial disputes.

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Inducted into the James E. and Carolyn B. Davis Society, University of North Carolina School of Law (2019)

Awarded the North Carolina Law Review’s Joyner Award for most outstanding staff writing submission (2019)

Author, Ultimate Discrimination?: Sunday Play, Sports Schedules, and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Anti-Discrimination Laws, 97 N.C. L. Rev. 933 (2019)

I followed a deliberate path to becoming a lawyer. That path, and many mentors who guided me along the way, shaped my approach to the law and serving clients.

I grew up in a family of hard workers, but it was also a family with no lawyers. Thus, when I became interested in the legal profession, I had to do my own research to learn more about it. That research turned into a journey that lasted several years. I first worked at law firms as an intern and then later as a paralegal, all to find out more about the law and whether I had a place in it. And when I determined I would pursue law school, I set my sights on it and ran.

Thoughtful mentors imparted important advice along the way. One internship supervisor wrote me a letter urging that my decision to pursue a career in law “should be based on an ambition to serve others using your intellect.” As a paralegal, I learned how to serve clients conscientiously, dutifully, and efficiently. Attorneys showed me the importance of service to others and the immense power and responsibility that lawyers have. I began to see the value of balance in experience and approach, and that a well-rounded attorney can spot and address many more of a client’s potential issues than an attorney with an acutely narrow specialization. When I was leaving my post as a paralegal and departing for law school, my work mentor wrote me a note detailing what he called “the majesty and power of the law” and the central role that lawyers play in justice and society.

These lessons led me to Brooks Pierce and drive my work every day. The firm values attorneys who set themselves apart by possessing a broad range of experience that enables them to view and solve clients’ problems from many different angles. Brooks Pierce attorneys also have a storied history of public service in North Carolina, and its ranks routinely exhibit strong dedication to serving clients intelligently and doggedly. I am proud to work alongside attorneys with such integrity and commitment to clients and the profession.

My path to the law mirrors my approach to it: thoughtful and meticulous in development, decisive and assured when time to act. I am fortunate that my path led me to a firm that shares my values of service to others, dedication to high professional standards, and a conviction that attorneys with broad experience in the law are best equipped to help clients resolve their legal issues.  

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Recent Publications & Media