Getting the Ball Rolling

When you’re ready to take a bright idea from concept to company, what is the first step?  How do you navigate the myriad of legal issues surrounding starting a business?  

Brooks Pierce attorneys have a wealth of experience helping entrepreneurs go from vision-caster to business-owner.  We have worked with companies in a wide range of sizes and styles, from small family-owned companies to large corporations.  Our venture law attorneys frequently counsel and assist with every aspect of entity formation, such as:

  • Equity and debt financing
  • Securities issues – including private placements and crowdfunding
  • Organization documents (partnership, LLC, and incorporation)
  • Angel and venture funding
  • Corporate governance
  • Developing agreements (shareholder, operating, buy-sell)
  • Joint ventures

We also have a thriving non-profit formation practice, with attorneys with years of experience in helping new non-profit organizations complete formation documents, negotiate tax exemption concerns, and develop governance policies.  

How can we help your start-up get the ball rolling?