Counsel for Boards and Educators

Those in the legal profession have a particular respect for the vital role education plays in an individual’s success.  Brooks Pierce attorneys practicing education law understand the myriad of complex issues that are involved in maintaining a quality education system.  Our services go beyond education law itself, however.  We represent colleges, universities, public school boards, and education associations in issues ranging from real estate acquisition to employment litigation to First Amendment litigation.

Dependable and efficient counsel.  Our attorneys give general counsel to schools and school boards on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Student discipline
  • Employment and tenure
  • Real estate and construction projects
  • Fundraising (bonds, forfeiture collections, etc.)
  • Drafting administrative policies
  • Managing athletic programs

Formidable defense.  Our seasoned team of litigators has represented educators in state and federal district and appellate courts and can assist in resolving many kinds of disputes:

  • Civil rights violations claims
  • Civil torts
  • First Amendment 
  • Employment disputes and discrimination claims
  • Construction litigation

Our education attorneys are active members of the North Carolina Council of School Attorneys and the National School Boards Association.  Many of us also serve on school system and university boards.

How can we help you shape future generations?